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Greenscreen Studio Dusseldorf

Greenscreen Studio Dusseldorf


For over one decade me and my team have worked in professional green screen studios and in the course of that, Kreativfilm has realized many high quality corporate movies, cinema spots and commercials. Our values proposition for these studio shootings contains the following 5 points:

– We plan the production with our own team, for instance composed of a director and production assistant, cameraman with assistant, sound engineer, lighting engineer, make-up artist and catering

– Our in-house producers are available on short notice and stand out due to their excellent communication skills
– If requested, we provide a flawless streaming to anywhere in the world so you can follow the production via remote
– Our director communicates in german or english, just as you need it
– We work in compliance with the current hygiene regulations.

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Film Production Düsseldorf


Film Production Düsseldorf

Welcome to Kreativfilm, this is our Film Production Düsseldorf. What awaits you here? Everything which makes Kreativfilm unique compared to other Düsseldorf-based production companies: Our innovative approaches and the specific advantages we offer to you! Here, we present you our film production’s creative minds from Düsseldorf, and we show you a part of our equipment by introducing you to one of our current projects and showing you the related video.

Directly at the beginning of this introduction, we want to underline our greatest strength: The personal contact with our clients.

Our Director of Photography

Kreativfilm’s founder Carsten Rusch is not only the company’s managing director: In April 2010 he laid the basis for our film production in Düsseldorf. He mainly focuses on planning the shootings and oversees the lighting cameraman’s tasks during the production. Being a trained and IHK-accredited merchant, he entered his career in the media laterally as an assistant – followed by a position as a cameraman at RTL. Until 2010, he worked (among others) at a news agency in the automotive sector, a music magazine and as a cameraman reporting from the German Bundesliga at SKY Sport News.

During this time, Rusch obtained invaluable experience as a freelancer involved in 300 different advertising film productions from different production companies before launching Kreativfilm. From the latter’s foundation until today, the passionate image designer pursues the realization of creative advertising films for business groups as well as mid-tier companies – on a national and international level. His focus lies in the technical implementation of film ideas, and, together with our producer, he is furthermore partaking in the first meetings with our clients.


A Producer for All Seasons

Our producer is the first person who contacts our clients. Born in Hamburg, he has obtained considerable expertise at big production firms in Düsseldorf. And indeed, one of Kreatvifilm’s greatest strengths is the fact that we organize every detail in person in order to make our clients happy. Of course, this also includes a disciplined adherence to schedules as well as short-term coordination even during a very complex production short of time.
Our producer even contributed to three cinema feature films and furthermore, held the position of a director in one of them.

At Kreativfilm, he also takes the role as a creative director. Regarding our current Düsseldorf-based project, was responsible for the project’s overall coordination, especially concerning customer support during the whole project.

What makes our film production so special?

An intimate atmosphere, rigid adherence to schedules and high availability – a producer which supports you during the whole production: from the very beginning until the film’s publication. In contrast to large advertising agencies, we pursue the aim of short ways in order to achieve solutions on a short-term basis for our clients, and we are eager to create an intimate personal atmosphere at every stage of production. At the end of a successful production, we are elated to receive personal feedback from our clients, for instance the one from Mr. Jan Kramer. In this case, we realized a cinema advertisement in Düsseldorf.

Have a look at our customer reviews:


Our clients ask – we answer:

  • Which partial services of the film production does Kreativfilm offer?
    Together with Kreativfilm, you can realize any type of partial service: Let it be the pre-production – notably strategic consultancy for your project – the implementation of the shootings with our camera crew, or the post-production together with our cutter. In addition to that, we are also very glad to conceive individual storyboards, speakers’ texts or film concepts. Preferably, we would like to offer you our support for the whole implementation of the production. During a first meeting, we consult our clients in order to obtain the best solution possible for the planned project – using our all-around carefree service.
  • What are the strengths of our film production in Düsseldorf?
    We consider our competence in all questions related to advertising films as our core strength.
    This is why we deeply value our personal management of the project. We have the capacity to react spontaneously to our clients’ wishes and to guarantee a first cost estimation within sixty minutes during our office hours. As nowadays business is fast-paced, we are keen to be available for our clients at any given moment in order to listen and learn; you ask, and we answer, and we especially appreciate a personal call. Your film production is in the best hands at Kreativfilm: You exclusively communicate with your producer and not with any agency intern.  
  • What does a film production cost?
    The second question is also the most frequent one (directly after questions concerning availability): Could you make a first offer or a first estimation of the price? However, a film production is as individual as your own business branch. Hence, we adjust our creative services to the requirements of the commissioned production. Since we only produce on behalf of our individual clients, we do not offer any standardized prices or packages. Nevertheless, our producer gladly provides you with a first offer within one hour to support your planning – it can’t be easier than that! You are looking for preparational questions for the consultation? You might want to look at our advisory video in the FAQ section.

Home Match in Düsseldorf

One of our clients’ biggest advantages is our large and personal network, which we built up together with other production firms for several years. Moreover, we show presence at several networking events in and around Düsseldorf, and we also visit our agency clients for presentations.

Notably, during the last month, we searched for a suitable location to shoot our new online video series. Thereby, we made auspicious contacts in the field of prop and costume. We enjoy the perks of a more than ten-year-old presence in the city in order to find a local solution. This saves time and costs for our clients. Our network consists, among others, renters of equipment, recording studios, agencies for speakers, set designers, animation studios, and personal contacts to the city of Düsseldorf.

Filming Equipment


Kreativfilm offers you a suitable and professional solution for every requirement and budget. More precisely, we offer you two technical solutions depending on your budget and requirements. We shoot our advertising films and spots with an ARRI Alexa Mini (see photo), which is fully equipped for a professional film production offering RED-film lenses of high quality. When it comes to image films, short films and for instance also social media spots as well as online campaigns, we prefer filming with a portable solution: The Canon EOS C200 – upon request also in a 4K Raw format. We possess two full equipped in-house camera sets, which contain (inter alia):

  • Filming cameras realizing recordings in 4K-quality
  • Preview monitors (Atomos Shogun)
  • Film lenses (more than 12 lenses)
  • Sound equipment (Angel, radio links)
  • ARRI lighting equipment (also mobile via LED and V-Mount batteries)
  • Mobile camera crane from Speccctacrane (operating height of approximately 5 meters)
  • Mobile laptops for data backup
  • On-site editing suite (on request)

We shot several cinema spots, a TV spot and many social media spots with the above-mentioned equipment. You can get an overview of these projects by visiting our production’s portfolios. Thanks to our direct connections to our own network and to local renters in Düsseldorf as well as the whole region, we have the possibility of realizing even very special wishes – for instance, producing in special camera formats.

Our equipment is incessantly being enhanced, and of course, we gladly send you an updated list of our equipment. The fact that we possess our own equipment must be considered a valuable advantage for our customers: It saves costs and is immediately available as well as ready to use – not only concerning film productions in Düsseldorf but in all of Germany.

SPACE for ideas

You can visit our team at two locations: Our loft-type office in the heart of Düsseldorf offers us a place where we hold project meetings and develop – together with our clients – the strategy for the planned campaign. The editing suites for our film productions are hosted at our location in Meerbusch-Büderich (nearby Deutsches Eck).

Currently, we are also training a media designer for picture and sound at this location; this shows our company’s growth and makes us very proud indeed. We developed a workflow for our 4K raw-editing of film material using two high-performance editing suites. Our knowledge of state-of-the-art formats highly benefits our clients – what is currently modern and, for instance on Instagram, particularly popular? 

Additionally, we invite our clients to the editing suites for joint work. We do not only offer appreciable competence in the field of scenic advertising films but also warm and delicious coffee!

Film Production from Düsseldorf

n summer 2018, we produced an online-campaign, which contained several sportive motivational videos, for BenFit, a fitness coach and nutritionist. The opening of its newly launched online-shop for food supplements served as an occasion to realize several films at various locations in Düsseldorf. The pre-production took us more than four weeks as we selected very special filming locations in the state’s capital. Our producer, who also accompanied the project during post-production, contributed to this task also as a director.

The challenge at hand: Organizing and realizing the shootings within a given time frame We executed our production at Düsseldorf’s “Medienhafen” in the early morning hours, since the shooting was hence devoid of public traffic, and we were enabled to film the main film’s opening scene without any disturbances before dusk. Our author Florian Siebert, standing in close dialogue to our client, developed the screenplay as well as the speaker’s text.

Kreativfilm selected the music and the speaker. The post-production required more than fourteen days. Now we are producing small text animations in order to prepare further material for Instagram.

An Extract of the Advertising Film’s Script:

“Your body is sensitive and vulnerable. It gives you strength and gets you down on your knees. And you realize that it forgives a lot. And it can take a lot.
But do never forget: Care for it! Move it. Feed it. Because it is YOUR body”

Selecting Actors

Advising our clients as a production company and managing the campaign from the very beginning concerning also organization, is another strength of our team. This also includes the supply of a schedule for the production. For our project with BenFit, we needed to find authentic actors which fit the online shop’s target group precisely. We integrated the topics walking, soccer, basketball, and CrossFit into the video. The team picture was taken at the end of a successful film production’s shooting day.

It is a pleasure for us to show this picture to others, as it catches the whole team’s happiness after 12 hours of filming. At the end of this fruitful production, we created several teasers announcing the main film on Instagram in advance, and we also provided two versions of the main film. We are going to present you further projects on our blog.

Get to know more about our team

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Corporate films


Corporate films from Kreativfilm

Since 2010, Kreativfilm produces image films for international companies and business groups as well as start-ups and mid-tier businesses. Here, we will show you some examples of your storytelling and how we connect this important element to the medium of film. For our work, you and the unique story of your business are paramount. It’s about combining facts and emotions in a suitable manner. It’s about highlighting your unique selling points. And first and foremost, it’s all about creativity.

You are eager to generate more visibility, more downloads, and more clicks? Using our creativity and inventiveness to the fullest, we will provide you with an image film that surely accomplishes these goals. It is truly this approach, which Kreativfilm represents.

Here I present you some of our production’s current image films. You get to know in which manner we cooperate with actors, design concepts for scenic films, realize animated films and what role storytelling plays.

Mercedes-Benz Image Film

We realized an image film for Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart. The Mercedes-AMG GT model occupies the film’s leading role. This thirty-seconds-spot perfectly gets along without any actors or speakers. The focus lies clearly on the audiovisual experience. The monochrome shooting induces the audience’s concentration on the super sports car’s form and design. The classical music underlines the shootings’ dynamics and conveys a feeling of class and elegance.

By this means, storytelling portrays the brand’s characteristic qualities using filmic methods. Close-ups showing the luxury car’s shapely details alternate with aerial views, the latter shot by our drone. Nowadays, we produce all of our image films in 4K-quality. It is a necessity that the image film does not only stand out due to its storyline but also because of its technical high-end quality – especially when it comes to products which represent elegance, luxury, design and, precision. We are in charge of every stop during the production – from the first idea and the examination of potential locations to the casting, the script and of course the shooting as well as the post-production. Concerning the image film at hand, we chose a typical country road in the surroundings of Stuttgart. Mainly, because this environment gives full effect to the car’s beauty and dynamic.

The image film was chiefly conceptualized to be used in social networks.

An Image Film for a Regional Energy Supplier

On the SWK card’s launch, we realized an image film starring the actors Katrin Wolter and Gabriel Rodriguez. Mrs. Wolter is well-known from the RTL-production “Der Lehrer” and starred in series like Verbotene Liebe (ARD) or Tatort (ARD). Mr. Rodriguez is a graduate of the Hamburg-based College for Music and Theatre. He was part of numerous stage-plays, short films and advertisement clips (e.g. Mydays – “Zeit zum Schenken”)

We produced this spot in our greenscreen-studio in Düsseldorf. It was part of a nationwide campaign in the field of cinema advertisement. For example, the spot was on screen in the open-air cinema Krefeld in summer 2017. The municipal utilities embedded this spot advertising the SWK card on their website.

A Beauty Spot

Another of our productions was an image film advertising the shampoo “Rhein” which was shot in a white screen studio in Cologne. The shooting in front of a white background is precisely suitable for a product which stands for purity and cleanliness. Moreover, by using this special tool the different colors of the various fragrances, as well as the model’s gowns, have an astonishing effect. As a performer, we booked the professional model Christina. Since the video was broadcasted in Arab television, we added sound to the footage by engaging an Arab native speaker.

Film Diesel Watches

By conceptualizing this image film as a social media spot, we promoted a collection of Diesel watches. The shootings were performed in our own studio. Similarly to our Merced-Benz spot, the image perfectly gets along without any speaker’s text or dialogues. We deliberately placed the watches‘ design at the film’s center. The suspension is solely generated by the different shot sizes, changes of viewpoint, cutting rate and film music. The image film resembles a cinematic scene rather than a standard product video. Everyone who is familiar with the Diesel label knows how much the brand prizes expressive images.

A Thrilling Feature Film as an Advertisement

Commissioned by a company’s health insurance fund, we realized an exciting advertising spot titled “Mission erfüllt” (“Mission Accomplished”) alluding to the popular blockbuster “Mission Impossible” starring Tom Cruise. During conceptualization, we expeditiously concluded that a short film could accomplish our “mission” in this case appropriately. We examined the right location, casted actors and decided to opt for a dramatic film look in order to bring the essential message across by virtue of a thrilling storyline. The solution was only given after the film’s end, letting the audience realize who was the clip’s initiator.

The story’s heroine is ready to do everything for her client: She protects him from the most enormous misfortune and leads him adroitly to the properly filled out form.
The health insurance fund is presented as an entity solving problems. Surely, a short film starring actors is more labor-intensive than a spot without actors. In addition to that, when using actors there is a much bigger need of various persons at the set itself (e.g. make-up artist, costume designer etc.). On the other hand, scenic short films are often more appealing to the audience. In the course of the pre-production process, we manage the concept and screenplay. We ponder about the film’s suspense and the filmic realization of what we have in mind.

During the casting we thoroughly organize the selection of suitable actors: Is the target group able to identify itself with the protagonist? Does the latter represent its role authentically? How should we stage the scenes? Of which quality is the interaction among the actors? For this case, it is of crucial importance that the model presents herself in an authentic and relaxed manner. It is not said, that everyone who is good at posing in front of a camera also can act in front of it. When the actor does not have a speaking role, it is very common to use professional figures.

Kreativfilm’s image films

You want to get more familiar with our image films and would welcome professional advice or creative input? There are so many possibilites – for example, a cinema ad, a TV spot starring actors, a product video for social media or an animated film for YouTube.

The following check-list will provide you with useful guidance giving you a better instinct for your own project. During our preliminary talks, we will take as much time as you need. Because only when we truly know you and your business, we can develop an authenitc narraton about you. Taking into account your suggestions and feedback (in combinaton with our expertise), we will realize an audiovisual business card which definitely causes attention and visibility.

  • Brainstorming / Conception. Do you already have an exact guiding idea for your film?
    Just bring it up and we will develop a suitable concept for your video production. Otherwise, we are also happy to establish a core idea for your film.
  • Target Group Analysis. The target group is probably the most decisive feature for your film.
    To whom should the film be alluring? Who do you want to reach with your film?
    Different target groups require different media and channels as well as different film styles. For instance, a film which is meant to reach elderly people, should probably not be realized as a social media spot. Meanwhile, a business film whose aim it is to reach potential local applicants does not have to use a national cinema ad or TV spot.
  • The Film’s Style. Do you think about working with an image film using actors? Is the film supposed to have a scenic design or should it rather be following an interview format? Do you intend to let real persons, e.g. your business’ employees, present themselves in front of the camera? Or do you prefer to get your message across concisely by virtue of animations? As you see, there are many different types of image films. To be inspired by our film examples, just visit our site: film productions from Kreativfilm.
  • Briefing. The more detailed your brief, the less work for our film team. Thus, do not hesitate to put all your ideas in your concrete briefing.
  • Feasibility. First things frst – in the beginning, we are concerned with your project’s feasibility. Do your ideas also go along with your planned budget? Is it doable to shoot the whole film on the scheduled shooting days? Keep in mind, that each new shooting day adds new costs due to fixed day rates applying to the majority of persons involved.
  • Locaton. Do you want to shoot the film at your company’s facilites? Or do you wish to use our studios? Maybe you opt for searching for one or more locations?
  • Equipment. We shoot all of our image films in 4K quality of high resolution. Depending on the project, we choose which camera will be used or whether we operate with one of our drones or integrate camera crane slides – of course, everything in accordance with your preferences. This way, you are in full control over the costs at any given time.
  • Hair/Make-Up. If you decide to work with actors, we strongly recommend you to book a make-up artist. In some cases, there is also the necessity to engage a stylist. Even if you choose to shoot the film at your business’ place starring your own employees, it can make perfect sense to cooperate with a make-up artist. She will ensure that the actors and employees have a good look in front of the camera.
  • Music. Of course, we will also advise you on the selection of the right film music. Concerning our productions, we only use GEMA-free music and organize licenses for the publicaton of your project’s preferred music in order to ensure that the realizaton process is free of troubles. If you would like to know more about this topic, you can read our article about GEMA-free music for video productions.
  • Distributon Channel. The decision of the distributon channel is decisive for the film’s style. It is useful to ponder about this decision already before the production starts.
  • Speaker. We cooperate with international speakers. If you wish so, we also offer the possibility of setting your film in different languages.

Use this option to enlarge your film’s scope!

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Advertising Film Production


Advertising Film Production

Preparational work for the advertising film production: The scene is properly illuminated, the camera is in position. The make-up artist checks again the actress’ made-up wound, the hair stylist gives the hair an intended messy appearance. The director takes his seat behind the monitor and the camera focuses on the actress – Action! There really seems to be a touch of Hollywood at the film set when shooting an advertising film – of course in our case, the film crew is much smaller but also considerably more flexible.

The one thing which makes an advertising film so special is the fact that film-makers are given free rein to experiment with their creativity: there is a broad gamut of possible activities. Phantasy knows no limits. And that is valid for all different parts of the production, concerning brainstorming, the searching for locations, the development of a great screenplay and the selection of the actors as well as the actual shooting and even the post-production. Using modern technology, we manage to deliver a big show – even as a small team! We will lead you through the different steps of our production by using our newest advertising film as an example.

The Idea for the Advertising Film Unfolds

Let’s go back in time. May 2015. The idea has been established: A special advertising film, which indeed resembles a short film. But not in the typical sense – it is rather supposed to be a thrilling story, which arouses the audience’s curiosity. The denouement should take place at the end of the film. All in all, the film must be decisively different from explanatory videos where the selling of a product to the client lies at the film’s core. Also, for our team, this is undoubtedly going to be an exciting advertising film production! Maybe you search for inspiring ideas and suggestions for your own advertising film too? For this purpose, we invite you to browse a bit through our film productions and let yourself inspire!

Search for Subjects for the Advertising Film Production

For a start, we go out in search of an appropriate location for the shooting. The place must suit the story. In this case, it should convey adventure and danger, it must not be too neat but seem rather large and cold. Usually, we are looking for shooting places ourselves. Through longstanding filming experience at most varied places, we know several possible locations in this region. And we keep our eyes open for new, exciting subjects. Every place worth considering is examined closely: which shots are possible here, which perspectives are promising? And most importantly: do we get a filming permit? From the subjects coming into question, we take pictures of likely settings in advance. This way, the customer can picture what’s achievable.

Concerning this case, we were lucky. Initially, it seemed impossible to get a filming permit for our most favored location. But we could not help ourselves and fell in love with the subject. It was just perfect. Sordid, run-down, the walls dotted with color splashes, the floor full of bird droppings and rusted spikes, everything rotten. In other words: Exactly the place we searched for. We were convinced that we had to give this a shot because where there’s a will there’s a way. And we truly managed it to convince everyone that we just needed to shoot our film at this very place. The result speaks a clear language: Our effort and patience were worth it! It was the perfect filming location for the first part of the advertising film.

Development of the Film’s Concept


When the general idea is clear, the next step is to develop the storyline. In order to produce a convincing advertising film, it is very helpful to write a screenplay – just like you were producing a cinema film. This facilitates the shooting strongly, and it is even indispensable when it comes to working with the actors. On the other hand, it also serves as a structure giving all persons involved a solid guidance during the film production.

Especially when a whole team is participating in the production, this approach is very reasonable. A screenplay also gives an overview of the necessary quantity of settings, the film’s length, the scheduling of the scenes’ different shootings etc. For each project, it is of high importance to outline the preferred result as detailed as possible already before the shootings start. Therefore, we are dedicated to this phase of the production spending our time and using our creativeness – because, in the end, it will contribute to the final product’s quality.

Casting for the Film Production

The film will not be effective if the actors do not fit into the broader concept – whether the shootings were outstanding, and the technique was flawless is irrelevant and cannot outweigh such a defect. Hence, it is utterly relevant to take one’s time in order to select the actors in a thorough and thoughtful process. If you did not already choose any main actors or models for your film, we would be very glad to help you in this matter.

The Perks of a Flexible Crew

Our crew consistently adapts to our client’s special requirements and interests. Considering the specific needs and expense, we build up the right team for the film production.
In the past, I participated in many projects as a single cameraman. I really love this freedom, but nowadays I also appreciate teamwork. The experiences and results which one can achieve as a team are just considerably different.

Notably, when it comes to an advertising film, it makes much sense to engage not only a cameraman. This way, he can fully concentrate on its real tasks. He can take his time for the perfect setting and lighting, while the director cooperates with the actors and arranges the necessary stage directions. Furthermore, the make-up artist and hair stylist are charged with the actors’ look and are responsible to avoid time-consuming post-editing during the post-production. Moreover, they bother to ensure that the actors harmonize with the overall concept – an aspect which is decisive for the advertising film’s final effect (irrelevant of its length).

Advertising Film Production in 4K

As I already mentioned in my last posts, Kreativfilm nowadays considers 4K as its standard concerning the advertising film production. Thereby, we recognize that this is undoubtedly an innovative trend and we embrace our attitude to be a company using state-of-the-art technology. But what does 4K mean? It refers to the resolution of digital cameras which of course also encompasses that of terminals.

A 4K-camera delivers a resolution consisting of up to 4096 pixels (breadth). This corresponds to a resolution four times larger than a full-HD – it does not surprise, thus, that term „Ultra High Definition Television” is used in this context. 4K is already usually used in cinemas and it is true that 4K will mean some extra costs for video production.
Nevertheless, we are strongly convinced that for most productions this little expense will pay off. Why is that? Just consider the fact that 4K is (thanks to modern technology) being used more and more in private households. There are even YouTube-videos in 4K, a considerable number of series are streamed in 4K-quality and hence, more buyers will purchase 4K- televisions or computers. Our goal is that your film delivers the best quality possible to appeal to your clients – therefore we believe in this format already today.

Photography During the Shootings

Although film posters on advertising columns, DVD-cases or even film reviews in the newspapers often feature pictures of certain film scenes, most people never heard anything about set photographers – because no one considers the origin of those pictures.
Many people assume that the images are merely showing a section directly from the film itself: a still image in the literal sense, so to speak. A “frame” which was cut out of the variety of moving pictures.

However, due to the additional expense, this is very uncommon. Therefore, we regularly work with a professional photographer at our set when producing advertising films.
His task is the capturing of certain scenes and actors in order to bring across the film’s atmosphere and essence by using just a few photographies. The advantages are evident: Photos can be used in totally different ways than film material. They are appropriate for press releases or websites. Furthermore, they can immediately be shared on social networks and generate curiosity for the film even before the production ends. Lastly, decent making-of pictures allow providing information of the production itself – leading to an increased level of attention which is exactly what you want to achieve regarding your film.

The Post-Production: Video and Sound Editing

Postproduktion Workflow

Having filmed everything, the post-production begins. Firstly, the production’s complete material must be analyzed and sorted. The cutter looks after these matters, consistently cooperating closely with the director. Furthermore, the client is involved in this process as we provide her/him a pre-cut giving some first impressions of the production.
This way, also the client can contribute to the final product.

After the video editing follows the sound editing. The final film sound is by far not only just a sound recording. This merely should be considered as raw material for the final sound. Nevertheless, this means that the original tone’s recording must be flawless. Of course, the original sound can still be enhanced by mixing, but it cannot be corrected properly.

Did you know that a major part of the advertising film’s effect is based solely on its sound? Our sound engineers take care of outfitting your film material with the best sounds for the editing process. This does not only encompass the actors’ voices but also recorded “Atmos” which refer to the general sound atmosphere of the shooting locations.
These sounds are then prepared and mixed as well as equipped and complemented with music. This is known as sound design. Additionally, certain sounds are of high importance. The sound of a ticking bomb, which could not be heard by listening to the original sound, is added. Or, for instance, the ominous steps of an approaching enemy. And, yes, you guessed it: There indeed is a separate profession for it! Hence, thanks to the so-called Foley artists, there are now excellent databases where one can look for certain sounds if necessary. We suggest watching our films with closed eyes for a few minutes. Then you will realize, how important the sound itself really is.

The Actors for an Advertising Film Production


We produced our current advertising film for a company’s insurance fund. While doing so, we enjoyed a considerable amount of creative freedom thanks to our client. Hence, we could indulge in using our creativity to the fullest. A young woman, a ticking bomb, a giant and abandoned industrial plant. Times is passing quickly. Will she make it? Will we make it?

Again, and again, we reminded ourselves of the adage: no risk, no fun! And it stood the reality check. This is the beauty of a small but flexible team: Sometimes you just manage to make the impossible possible. During the production of this project, we accompanied every single step of it as an agency and we are happy to say that the shootings were so much fun, and that we are indeed proud of our little film! This example clearly shows that our team is specialized in managing your project from the very beginning to the very end.
We provide you with customized for your advertising film. You have some specific questions?

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