Our All-Around Carefree Package – Full Service Film Production
Overview of Kreativfilm’s Services

Why Choose Our All-Around Carefree Service?

For us, an all-around carefree service means: gaining our client’s trust and being a firm and reliable partner in all questions concerning your film. Our customers deeply estimate our following qualities: Personal support guaranteed by one single producer for the whole production and campaigning period. A solid adherence to schedules, dedication to our profession and an intimate atmosphere are all points which undoubtedly have a positive impact on our client’s project. We realize projects on a short-term basis – even when confronted with very narrow time frames. Moreover, we also gladly manage campaigns for a period of several months and do not limit our work to the technical questions but rather contribute to your project with intriguing ideas. 

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Campaign Management & Planning

For over eight years, Kreativfilm supports advertising campaigns for our clients. In doing so, we contribute to each project in terms of design, technique, and content. In the course of our work, it is of utmost importance for us to create a personal and intimate atmosphere within our agency. Given our broad competence in all issues connected to the film, our customers benefit exceedingly. Among our clients are companies and business groups from all relevant fields of the economy – may it be business, trade, sports, fashion, the media & the publishing sector, industry or television.

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Storytelling for your Film

In the course of our concept design, our 3-headed team develops thrilling contents and approaches. Our producer supports the whole production and stands in intense dialogue with our director, who also functions as our scriptwriter. In a further step, our Director of Photography takes over the features concerning image design. We then present you our concept whereby we incessantly keep our analytical view on your film’s most important aspects: Content and story, image design and aesthetics as well as the coordination of the project management.

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Video Marketing & SEO

In the course of agency tenders and meetings with our clients, I am often approached on the ground of video marketing and means of search engine optimization – especially regarding Google and YouTube. I gained valuable experience in this area by optimizing our own websites since 2014. With this knowledge, I managed to reach an astonishing number of top 1 rankings. Recently, there are more than sixty relevant search results and a further forty in the top 3, which of course lead to a high amount of visitors and many contacts per week. Basically, it is all about creating the most suitable content for your target group. 

carsten ruschThis means: Analyzing competition in combination with an appropriate as well as a creative concept – and then ranking it on Google and YouTube.
“Why ranking?”, you might ask. With a supreme ranking, you gain more traffic (which means more visitors and hence a bigger audience watching your film) and additionally, more conversions (contacts and requests via the video). This will entail a larger scope and eventually lead to a higher number of contacts and increasing turnover. (Carsten Rusch, CEO, Kreativfilm GmbH)

Get Familiar with Video Marketing Through Our Workshop

Many of our clients focus primarily on their video’s production and content. In the course of the pre-production, we develop a common strategy and concept which helps you to enlarge your audience. This will incontestably give your business a decisive added value. Therefore, I offer – together with my team – goal-oriented workshops and meetings which will provide you with helpful advice for the spreading of your campaigns and films.

SEO does not have to be difficult – we have many formats at our disposal. For example, one format could be a guidebook; comparable to Kreativfilm’s YouTube series. We develop exciting texts and content which exactly matches your target group’s search intent. If you would like to receive more information, we are pleased to offer you a personal meeting.

Partial Services for Film and Video Production

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Our Camera Crew

Our camera crew stands at your side, supporting your project. We shoot as a small and classic camera team as well as with the appropriate “qualified” personnel when it comes to bigger film sets, e.g. concerning our shootings for cinema advertisements. We arrange our crew for each project individually. Essentially, this includes the following components:

  • Director
  • Production assistant
  • Cameraman with assistant
  • Sound engineer
  • Lighting engineer
  • Maske-up Artist
  • Catering

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Our Post-Production

Concerning post-production, our cutter-equipped 4K workstations are at your disposal. We produce in all common formats. Furthermore, we developed our own 4K-workflow in order to reach the best quality. We offer all our professional post-production’s partial services under one roof, this includes (among others):

  • Cutter with a modern 4K editing suite
  • Color correction and Color Grading
  • Selecting and licensing film music
  • Professional speakers in various languages
  • Sound mixing by our sound engineer
  • DCP conversion (concerning cinema ads)
  • SameDayEdit – cutting at the place

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A Comprehensive Portfolio – Full Service Production

Besides our partial services regarding professional film and video production, we also offer you the following “products” as a total production: This includes all relevant tasks of film production, among others planning, consulting, conception and pre-production management, the set-up and implementation of small as well as big film sets, the handle of your whole post-production, support until your film’s release as well as goal-oriented video marketing – and we do this very successfully for more than eight years!

Personal Contact

kreativfilm-leistungenLet us talk about it! Via a joint communication, we will find the best solution for your business. We also kindly invite you to ask for our all-around carefree package.

Our producer Carsten Rusch will be your personal contact for your inquiry. Click here for the contact form →

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