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Welcome to Kreativfilm, this is our Film Production Düsseldorf. What awaits you here? Everything which makes Kreativfilm unique compared to other Düsseldorf-based production companies: Our innovative approaches and the specific advantages we offer to you! Here, we present you our film production’s creative minds from Düsseldorf, and we show you a part of our equipment by introducing you to one of our current projects and showing you the related video.

Directly at the beginning of this introduction, we want to underline our greatest strength: The personal contact with our clients.

Our Director of Photography

Kreativfilm’s founder Carsten Rusch is not only the company’s managing director: In April 2010 he laid the basis for our film production in Düsseldorf. He mainly focuses on planning the shootings and oversees the lighting cameraman’s tasks during the production. Being a trained and IHK-accredited merchant, he entered his career in the media laterally as an assistant – followed by a position as a cameraman at RTL. Until 2010, he worked (among others) at a news agency in the automotive sector, a music magazine and as a cameraman reporting from the German Bundesliga at SKY Sport News.

During this time, Rusch obtained invaluable experience as a freelancer involved in 300 different advertising film productions from different production companies before launching Kreativfilm. From the latter’s foundation until today, the passionate image designer pursues the realization of creative advertising films for business groups as well as mid-tier companies – on a national and international level. His focus lies in the technical implementation of film ideas, and, together with our producer, he is furthermore partaking in the first meetings with our clients.


A Producer for All Seasons

Our producer is the first person who contacts our clients. Born in Hamburg, he has obtained considerable expertise at big production firms in Düsseldorf. And indeed, one of Kreatvifilm’s greatest strengths is the fact that we organize every detail in person in order to make our clients happy. Of course, this also includes a disciplined adherence to schedules as well as short-term coordination even during a very complex production short of time.
Our producer even contributed to three cinema feature films and furthermore, held the position of a director in one of them.

At Kreativfilm, he also takes the role as a creative director. Regarding our current Düsseldorf-based project, was responsible for the project’s overall coordination, especially concerning customer support during the whole project.

What makes our film production so special?

An intimate atmosphere, rigid adherence to schedules and high availability – a producer which supports you during the whole production: from the very beginning until the film’s publication. In contrast to large advertising agencies, we pursue the aim of short ways in order to achieve solutions on a short-term basis for our clients, and we are eager to create an intimate personal atmosphere at every stage of production. At the end of a successful production, we are elated to receive personal feedback from our clients, for instance the one from Mr. Jan Kramer. In this case, we realized a cinema advertisement in Düsseldorf.

Have a look at our customer reviews:


Our clients ask – we answer:

  • Which partial services of the film production does Kreativfilm offer?
    Together with Kreativfilm, you can realize any type of partial service: Let it be the pre-production – notably strategic consultancy for your project – the implementation of the shootings with our camera crew, or the post-production together with our cutter. In addition to that, we are also very glad to conceive individual storyboards, speakers’ texts or film concepts. Preferably, we would like to offer you our support for the whole implementation of the production. During a first meeting, we consult our clients in order to obtain the best solution possible for the planned project – using our all-around carefree service.

  • What are the strengths of our film production in Düsseldorf?
    We consider our competence in all questions related to advertising films as our core strength.
    This is why we deeply value our personal management of the project. We have the capacity to react spontaneously to our clients’ wishes and to guarantee a first cost estimation within sixty minutes during our office hours. As nowadays business is fast-paced, we are keen to be available for our clients at any given moment in order to listen and learn; you ask, and we answer, and we especially appreciate a personal call. Your film production is in the best hands at Kreativfilm: You exclusively communicate with your producer and not with any agency intern.  

  • What does a film production cost?
    The second question is also the most frequent one (directly after questions concerning availability): Could you make a first offer or a first estimation of the price? However, a film production is as individual as your own business branch. Hence, we adjust our creative services to the requirements of the commissioned production. Since we only produce on behalf of our individual clients, we do not offer any standardized prices or packages. Nevertheless, our producer gladly provides you with a first offer within one hour to support your planning – it can’t be easier than that! You are looking for preparational questions for the consultation? You might want to look at our advisory video in the FAQ section.

Home Match in Düsseldorf

One of our clients’ biggest advantages is our large and personal network, which we built up together with other production firms for several years. Moreover, we show presence at several networking events in and around Düsseldorf, and we also visit our agency clients for presentations.

Notably, during the last month, we searched for a suitable location to shoot our new online video series. Thereby, we made auspicious contacts in the field of prop and costume. We enjoy the perks of a more than ten-year-old presence in the city in order to find a local solution. This saves time and costs for our clients. Our network consists, among others, renters of equipment, recording studios, agencies for speakers, set designers, animation studios, and personal contacts to the city of Düsseldorf.

Filming Equipment


Kreativfilm offers you a suitable and professional solution for every requirement and budget. More precisely, we offer you two technical solutions depending on your budget and requirements. We shoot our advertising films and spots with an ARRI Alexa Mini (see photo), which is fully equipped for a professional film production offering RED-film lenses of high quality. When it comes to image films, short films and for instance also social media spots as well as online campaigns, we prefer filming with a portable solution: The Canon EOS C200 – upon request also in a 4K Raw format. We possess two full equipped in-house camera sets, which contain (inter alia):

  • Filming cameras realizing recordings in 4K-quality
  • Preview monitors (Atomos Shogun)
  • Film lenses (more than 12 lenses)
  • Sound equipment (Angel, radio links)
  • ARRI lighting equipment (also mobile via LED and V-Mount batteries)
  • Mobile camera crane from Speccctacrane (operating height of approximately 5 meters)
  • Mobile laptops for data backup
  • On-site editing suite (on request)

We shot several cinema spots, a TV spot and many social media spots with the above-mentioned equipment. You can get an overview of these projects by visiting our production’s portfolios. Thanks to our direct connections to our own network and to local renters in Düsseldorf as well as the whole region, we have the possibility of realizing even very special wishes – for instance, producing in special camera formats.

Our equipment is incessantly being enhanced, and of course, we gladly send you an updated list of our equipment. The fact that we possess our own equipment must be considered a valuable advantage for our customers: It saves costs and is immediately available as well as ready to use – not only concerning film productions in Düsseldorf but in all of Germany.

SPACE for ideas

You can visit our team at two locations: Our loft-type office in the heart of Düsseldorf offers us a place where we hold project meetings and develop – together with our clients – the strategy for the planned campaign. The editing suites for our film productions are hosted at our location in Meerbusch-Büderich (nearby Deutsches Eck).

Currently, we are also training a media designer for picture and sound at this location; this shows our company’s growth and makes us very proud indeed. We developed a workflow for our 4K raw-editing of film material using two high-performance editing suites. Our knowledge of state-of-the-art formats highly benefits our clients – what is currently modern and, for instance on Instagram, particularly popular? 

Additionally, we invite our clients to the editing suites for joint work. We do not only offer appreciable competence in the field of scenic advertising films but also warm and delicious coffee!

Film Production from Düsseldorf


n summer 2018, we produced an online-campaign, which contained several sportive motivational videos, for BenFit, a fitness coach and nutritionist. The opening of its newly launched online-shop for food supplements served as an occasion to realize several films at various locations in Düsseldorf. The pre-production took us more than four weeks as we selected very special filming locations in the state’s capital. Our producer, who also accompanied the project during post-production, contributed to this task also as a director.

The challenge at hand: Organizing and realizing the shootings within a given time frame We executed our production at Düsseldorf’s “Medienhafen” in the early morning hours, since the shooting was hence devoid of public traffic, and we were enabled to film the main film’s opening scene without any disturbances before dusk. Our author Florian Siebert, standing in close dialogue to our client, developed the screenplay as well as the speaker’s text.

Kreativfilm selected the music and the speaker. The post-production required more than fourteen days. Now we are producing small text animations in order to prepare further material for Instagram.

An Extract of the Advertising Film’s Script:

“Your body is sensitive and vulnerable. It gives you strength and gets you down on your knees. And you realize that it forgives a lot. And it can take a lot.
But do never forget: Care for it! Move it. Feed it. Because it is YOUR body”

Selecting Actors

Advising our clients as a production company and managing the campaign from the very beginning concerning also organization, is another strength of our team. This also includes the supply of a schedule for the production. For our project with BenFit, we needed to find authentic actors which fit the online shop’s target group precisely. We integrated the topics walking, soccer, basketball, and CrossFit into the video. The team picture was taken at the end of a successful film production’s shooting day.

It is a pleasure for us to show this picture to others, as it catches the whole team’s happiness after 12 hours of filming. At the end of this fruitful production, we created several teasers announcing the main film on Instagram in advance, and we also provided two versions of the main film. We are going to present you further projects on our blog.

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Carsten is the CEO of the Kreativfilm GmbH. Since 20 years he is working as a video producer and is giving free hints in his Blog as expert of the video business.

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