Livestreaming productions for companies

Kreativfilm is an experienced service provider in the field of hybrid events. We provide you with a designated contact person who will supervise your project from the first briefing onwards. It’s always in our interest to present high quality and solid streaming.

Question’s about the hybrid event

  • What do we need to stream live?

  • Which kind of connection is necessary for a live stream on several platforms?

  • Which channels exist? Is a private channel useful?

  • How do you incorporate the stream in Webex, Zoom or Jitsi Meet?

  • How do we link up participants, who are at other places?

  • How do we incorporate a chat for a comment function?

  • How much does a live stream cost? As a self- or external production?

  • What are the advantages of a greenscreen production?

Strategic and technical guidance

Since april 2020 a lot of companies work with livestreaming to communicate with customers and employees. We implemented livestreams already before the covid-19-disease and are able to organize professional live events.

An individual consultation is essential for the development and implementation of a professional livestream. We show you, how you can implement your own live event – private or public.

Experience from over 20 years of production

Our experience from more than 1.000 succesful campaigns and over 20 years in the media production are going into our guidance. Together with the producer team, we offer you our services as an agency.

With a live streaming event you should achieve your goals. We will show you how you can use a live stream to boost your sales and increase your degree of brand awareness.

Greenscreen studio

For hybrid events we have to modern studios in Düsseldorf, Germany. In the studio we can organize professional live streams with our team. We offer our customers a all-in-production with e.g. live presentations. Moreover we can observe all hygiene standarts.

Livestream studio

Advantages of our guidance

  • You safe time! After the guidance you will have to concrete ways to perform your live stream. Now you can decide if you want us to organize your event or if you want to do it by yourself.
  • You safe money! You do not have to engage your employees to compare different providers. You can calculate the costs with minimal time expenditure.
  • You are not taking the wrong decision! We sow you two possibilities to implement your event. You can decide for yourself after our conversation. You are not obligated to book our tender.

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